Glucose Test Lab Report

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A glucose test measures the amount of glucose in the body. Glucose is also known as a sugar which is the main source of the body. Glucose testing is done to check for type 1 diabetes , type 2 diabetes and gestational. Diabetes is a condition that cause blood glucose to rise. The glucose level is managed by insulin. However , diabetes patients body is do not make enough insulin or insulin does not work probably. To diagnosis diabetes There are two different types of glucose blood testing—a fasting glucose test and a random glucose test. In the a fasting glucose test, should not eat or drink for eight hours before the test. Patients can only drink plain water. May want to schedule a fasting glucose test first thing in the morning, so patient…show more content…
Place the device against the pad of the finger. Press the release button. Remove the device from the finger. Wait a few seconds for a blood drop to form. A minimum volume of 0.5 micro liter is needed to fill the confirmation window. After the symbol appears on the screen, apply the blood sample to the narrow end of the test strip till the meter beeps. If the confirmation window is not filled in time because of abnormal viscosity (thickness and stickiness) or insufficient volume, the message may appear. It is recommended that the application of blood sample to the test strip be performed virtually vertical to the sample site . The test result will appear after the meter counts down from 5 to 1. The result will be automatically stored in the meter’s memory. If the test strip is removed after the test result is displayed, the meter will automatically switch off after 3 seconds. Discard used test strips safely in appropriate containers. In conclusion, the process of measure blood glucose includes three major steps : preparing the lancing device, preparing the meter ,and preparing to measure the blood glucose . Prepare the lancing device, which the important step to start use the lancing device .Second prepare the meter these step for the insert meter in the lancing device. Last step prepare to measure the blood glucose, which begin prick finger and obtain a blood sample using the lancing device. The measure blood glucose it is process do it to know if a person have diabetes or not

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