Gloria Steinem Accomplishments

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Gloria Steinem is a contemporary feminist, writer, lecturer, and political activist who travels the world to make her voice heard. Steinem is particularly attentive to the issues of sex and race caste systems, gender roles, and creating peace and justice. Steinem made her voice heard which came along with many accomplishments that will be recognized forever. Steinem was born in Ohio in the year of 1934. As a child, she was brought up in a factory working neighborhood (Thomas, 2002). At the age of 22 Steinem graduated from Smith College, where she studied government and politics in 1956 (“Gloria Steinem”, N.d.). Subsequently, she made a trip to India on a Chester Bowles Fellowship. Steinem spent time writing for Indian publications causing…show more content…, a website dedicated to Steinem and her work, acknowledges that “She received the first Doctorate of Human Justice awarded by Simmons College, the Bill of Rights Award from the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, the National Gay Rights Advocates Award, the Liberty award of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Ceres Medal from the United Nations, and a number of honorary degrees.” She has won many other awards such as the lifetime achievement award, the most influential woman in America award, the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal Award, and in 2013, President Obama presented her with the presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest known civilian honor (“Gloria Steinem”, N.d.). Steinem’s concern with child abuse influenced her to co-produce as well as narrate an HBO documentary that later won an Emmy Award (“Gloria Steinem”, N.d). Steinem did not focus on one certain issue. Instead, she was interested in addressing numerous areas of injustice and inequality that affected more than just women, for example, child abuse. Steinem’s work is extremely valuable. Through Steinem’s many awards, speeches, books, and documentaries she has gained the attention of a diverse audience that in return created change within society. With that said, she allowed women’s voices to be heard, educated the population on women and violence, assisted women in politics, and addressed countless other topics that were overlooked by society in

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