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Recruits had a brutal time as novice gladiators. These recruits were forced into being gladiators, some of them had no choice, but others volunteered. Others were not so fortunate and were sentenced to 'damnati ad gladium' which means they were sentenced to death by sword or a gladiator fight. They had to attend gladiator school and no freedom at all. training of a gladiator was very physically demanding to get them in shape. At first they did not use real weapons, they used basic wooden swords. Novice gladiators focused on different fighting styles, what weapons they used, and what armor they wore. The lighter armor required different weapons then heavier armored gladiators as well as learning different fighting techniques. They usually…show more content…
A lot of people don't know that gladiators were taught how to die. The audience expected the gladiators to die without showing any emotion and to die bravely. There training taught them how to die with honor. The cataphractarius- These gladiators originated from the cavalry of Parthia, also know as the Persian empire, and Germany. They also originated form central Asia and Russia. When they fought for there country they were heavily armored as well as there horses. These gladiators were heavily armored and wore central Asia armor. They fought with a long lance (contus). A contus was a pike used in infantry or a riders lance. The weapons were very long and two handed. There body armor consists of very protective helmets which were invented in Germany. The gladiators wore this scaly armor that covered every inch of there body. The murmillones- These gladiators were also known as the fish men. There armor was specialized, they wore a helmet that had a special fish crest on it. There weapons were swords, originally they used the Gladius which was then replaced by the Spatha. When the gladiators used the gladius they used shields called scutum. There helmet had very small holes for the eyes. This design was to insure that a trident used by his or hers opponent could not penetrate the

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