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gilmore girls We all have those guys that were not proud we dated.The show “Gilmore Girls” displays are cultures need to feel normal about some of the men we have dated. Gilmore Girls is a drama comedy that was filmed in 2000- 2007. The show takes place in a small town in connecticut called stars hollow . the main character are lorie and her daughter rorie. do to the fact that rory was born out of wedlock ( a moral sin in the 2000) mother and daughter are now faced with the problem of both them dating at the same time. the story start with rorie at age 16. She is smarter than most of her classmates and also get better grades in her small town high school. we soon find out that she has been accepted to the one of the highest ranking high schools in america ,chilton academy. yet when the cute new boy Dean comes to town and shows a special interest in roire she is willing to throw away one of the biggest opportunities in her life for this small town boy. lorie who has been working her butt off since she ran away from her upper class parents and baby daddy christopher. is for too focused on her job and dream of owning her own inn to even think about dating until max maddena rory's new teacher at chilton academy takes special…show more content…
Max is rorys english teacher and falls for her mother the first time he sees her a at parent teacher meeting. lorie know how this could blow up in her face but max has a problem seeing this so he convises lorie that they are ment to be the relationship of couirse blows up in there facce lorie and max get caught kissing in his class room. when max starts to fear that he will lose his job he quikly ends the relationship yet this only makes lorie what to date him more they get back together and get engaded until a week before the wedding she relised that the only reason she was dating him becouse it was forbidin and calls off the

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