German Shepherd Research Paper

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Dogs are known to be great companions at home for all ages. Their loyalty to their owners makes them great pets. Although dogs may be used as pets, by researching Belgian Sheepdogs, German Shepherds and Border Collies, it can be expressed that they assist humans with everyday jobs. Each of these dog breeds has their own specific characteristics which help benefits them in making their jobs easier for them to perform. The Belgian Sheepdogs are not only treated as companion’s dogs, but as well, as guard dogs. There are very intelligent and quite alert. The Belgian Shepherds are very similar to the German Shepherds. The Belgian Sheepdogs are usually black, with a little white on the chest, the tips of the toes, and between the pawns of the…show more content…
German Shepherds are strong and very alert breed of dogs with a great appearance. These dogs have medium size eyes with almond like shape. Their ears are pointed forward, and always at attention. These dogs have a pointed nose and have a high sense of smell. They have very firm jaws and strong scissors like teeth bite. The originally breed from Germany are larger and have broader head, with darker coat skin. The American breed shepherds are smaller, with a more silver, black like coat color. The German kinds are always black and tan. The German Shepherds dog is a version of the mountain sheepdogs of Germany. These dogs worked as military dogs about the 1880s. Captain Max Von Stephantz was known as the “father of the German Shepherds.” In 1899, he registered a dog name Horan the first Deutsche Schaferhunde stands for German Shepherds. German Shepherds have a unique personality. They are fearless, they are loyal, and they are protective. These dogs will to fight to death to protect their owners. German Shepherds do not let their guard down easily around strangers. They are very alert also, like the Belgian Sheepdogs, which make them good watchdogs. German Shepherds made marvelous companions. Most people believe they are great watchdogs, but they also make great family pet dogs when trained. They are loyal, protective, and sweet. They also love the company for their

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