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Review of George Washington: A biography by Gideon Cross The book, George Washington: a biography by Gideon Cross, covers all of the well-known parts of Washington's life. The authors thesis States “ George Washington was a flesh-and-blood human being, with human foibles, flaws, hopes, dreams, and virtues; that he became a truly great man who changed the course of history is all the more impressive by considering the many obstacles, both external and internal, that he had to overcome.” In the book, Cross goes on to chronicle Washington’s life in five chapters, starting with an introduction that follows Washington's life chronologically until the time that he retired to Mount Vernon. The second chapter goes on to explain Washington's upbringing…show more content…
The book lists Washington's accomplishments as “the victory at Yorktown, Washington decision to refuse the throne, his guidance of a new nation through vulnerable formative years as president, and his decision to retire to Mount Vernon and established a peaceful president secession in the United States after two terms as president.” The book skims briefly over each topic, giving minimal information about each point in history, presumably expecting the reader to have prior knowledge of each event. The fourth chapter details Washington's personal life, claiming that Washington was only a politician “ in the most literal sense of the word” And that shortly after his death controversy over Washington's life emerged. The book then goes into detail about Washington's slave owning ultimately depicting Washington as a kind and fair slave owner, although condemning him for owning slaves at all. the only other flaws the book depicts of Washington, would be having a quick temper, and being immature and his younger days. For the most part Cross describes Washington as an ideal and mostly flawless

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