George Valentin And Peppy Miller's The Artist

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The Artist is a silent film depicting the lives of silent film actors and actresses when “talkies” start coming out. The happiness of George Valentin and Peppy Miller are greatly changed throughout the film, as their places on the social ladder are dramatically shifted. Throughout it all, they always tried to make the most wise decisions that they could in the given circumstances. At the start of the film, George Valentin is the Johnny Depp, or Will Ferrell of his day, making the bank and busy as can be. He's putting out several high grossing films a year, has a decent relationship with his wife, and life just could not be better. When his producers show him “talking films” he is appalled, and refuses to do anything even vaguely similar to them. With the…show more content…
He goes from being able to spend frivolously, to watching all of his belongings be auctioned off. He accidentally burns his house down and is only saved by his small dog. Sadly, he eventually has to fire his Valet of several years, Clifton, because of the guilt of not paying him in a year. George develops a rather nasty alcohol dependency and becomes depressed, which was not considered common or even a real thing in that day. Peppy invites him into her home to be cared after until he is well, and he runs away to his small apartment he got after the house fire. Upon arrival, he attempts suicide. Peppy comes to the rescue in Clifton's car, crashing it in the

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