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A great number of political, social, and cultural icons dominate our view of history. Some challenge our worldview, while others introduce us to new forms of entertainment and expression. However, one man stands above the rest. His influence on the world is extensive, reshaping both popular culture, and Western Europe. Indeed, there has never been an individual more distinguished than leader, soldier, poet, and statesman, George Marshall Mathers. Truly, his works are unparalleled in modern society as an authoritative and influential voice of both rhyme and reason. Marshall was not raised wealthy. He grew up in the south, and was constantly moving from place to place. His constant relocation left him with few friends, but lots of time alone.…show more content…
Promoted, and signed to a west-coast hip-hop record label, Marshall’s influence continued to grow. He rose to prominence during World War Two, displaying his ability to master the art of rapping and strategy. His distinction as a strategist earned him the respect of many prominent leaders, including Winston Churchill, who called Marshall the “organizer of victory”. As a so called “desk-soldier” he spent little time actually dropping bombs, but this was, of course, outdone by his extraordinary ability to drop award winning albums with excellent battle strategies. His third studio album set multiple sales records, while another, dubbed Overlord, became one of hit greatest hits, and was instrumental in liberating France later in the…show more content…
Soon after becoming Secretary of State, he released to the world his plan to facilitate the social and economic recovery of war-torn Europe. Like many of his previous works, the plan proved controversial, and many prominent groups called for its boycott, including the Eastern bloc. Nevertheless, his six-time platinum certified efforts, not only garnered him several Grammy nominations, but also won him the Nobel Peace

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