Genomic Research Good Or Bad

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In doing a genomic research, biological method such as biotechnology helps us to progress our sustainability of our environment. One of the progressions in science is the modern agriculture. Some of our agriculture problems had been part of improvement for many decades and years. Therefore, some of our production of crops had become nutritionally for our consumers and producers. However, some problems may arise due to uncontrollable issues in our environmental system. Among other issues, who could have imagine that a microscopic soil fungus, had been known for over many decades and years would approach a crop threat especially wheat, and rural stability near Eastern Washington. In this genomic research, we are about to focus on how we can…show more content…
The major problem in this genomic research is root colonization of wheat crops. This disease was observed near inland empire of Eastern Washington, where vast of wheat crops were harvested and a problem started to arise. Dan Kaegel, one farmer, given up the wheat crops and started a new crop business due to complications of wheat crops disease. This had become a problem around the globe because wheat crops are internationally exported to some countries especially in Asia continent. Shortly, wheat crops will soon to decline if we do not take course of action to eradicate the problem. In this circumstances, the wheat crops have different types of diseases due to type and amount of irrigation. This research started when diseases specifically called Take-All disease infected the species Triticum aestivum, a bread wheat crops. The crops started to decline due to pathogen outbreak. A fungus pathogen called gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici (GGT) is produced of the Take-all disease. Researchers found out that GGT mostly attacked the roots of Triticum aestivum. This type of disease is a seedling blight that ruins the strand of the wheat and eventually ruins the entire strands and…show more content…
Students will be part of a research that helps them to enhance the skills and passion for research. It also gives us experience how to be truthful, honest and trustworthy of experiments and research such as if our data is reliable. My participation for this genomic research is to understand the sequence and analyze the result of our sequence by using blast. Then, we compare the sequence to the database. In this genomic research, our goal is to sequence the Pseudomonas fluoroscens and learn how to analyze the sequence and learn the steps and methods to be successful in the research. Besides that, the goal is to be familiarize and be acquainted in doing the methods to identify an extraordinary gene from the Pseudomonas fluoroscens. By using the Escherichia coli , E.coli we are able to genetically engineer the gene from Pseudomonas fluoroscens. My role is to be able to isolate the E.coli and test out for a plasmid to study the Pseudomonas fluoroscens. E.coli is a great tool for recombinant DNA. Therefore, as a scientist, my role is to sequence the gene and analyze the Pseudomonas fluoroscens. If we analyze the P.fluoroscens gene using the blast, then we are successfully sequence the gene and got a plasmid because the blast results will tell us the gene insert have unique genes. If our fragments have higher percentage of dissimilarities in the database, blast, then the hits results will

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