Genesis: Myth, Tale, Epic?

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Is Genesis mostly myth, legend, tale, epic? Genesis is a story written in the Bible. It is the first book of the Bible even though it's thought by scholars to not be the first book written. Many stories from the book of Genesis are also present in other mythological beliefs including those held by followers of Zoroastrianism, Greek mythology, Egyptian gods, and those alike. The question at hand is does the book of Genesis mostly myth, legend tale or epic, well it's all four of those things. Starting with myth, which is an idea or story that is believe by many people but is not true. There are an estimated 2 billion Christians on this Earth and they believe in a story that is not true. It's not true because none of the Bible can be proven,…show more content…
To reiterate what I said in my last paragraph you a cannot prove the Bible or anything that ever happened in the Bible. There is no physical evidence of people from the Bible, nor is there any evidence of the people who wrote the books of Jesus speaking, not even historical records. If you could prove the Bible then everyone would believe in it and take it seriously. A tale is defined as a story about imaginary events that is exciting and dramatic. The Bible is all of those things, imaginary because we cannot actually see God he never presents himself to us but he did to people thousands of years ago that there are no record of and not to mention he doesn't present himself today. The Bible is exciting and dramatic full of stories that make you root for the underdog such as Job, Jesus or Moses. War is a common theme in the Bible and that in itself is very dramatic. Epic is a story about a hero or exciting events or adventures. One of the biggest adventures in the Bible I always found interesting was the story of Noah and him constructing a boat to fit all the animals of the world on and thinking about all the food he would need for the said animals. Noah sure did have quite the adventure on the boat for forty days and

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