Gender Differences In The Brain's Brain

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The brain is probably the most complex part of your body and there are many different parts of the brain but are there differences between the male’s and female’s brain? There is indeed a difference, approximately 100 differences to be exact. Boys and girls have not only physical differences, but the also have many differences in the brains, both structural and chemical. The brain is classified as CNS (central nervous system), the spinal cord is also included in this. There are many neurons and cells in the brain, these neurons and cells carry signals back and forth to the brain and to other parts of your body. One of the cells in the brain is called Glial cells. These cells outnumber the neurons ten to one. Glial cells do not carry messages…show more content…
The differences occur very early in life, female baby’s brain is generally more developed at birth than the males brain. The corpus callosum is larger in females than males, which means that you are able to use both sides of the brain better the males. Although there are approximately 100 gender differences in the brain, not everybody's brain includes these differences, we are unique. Scientists explain the gender difference because of human development, certain cell arrangements, and chemicals in their bodies before they were born. The way scientists think that the human development affects the brain differences is because the influence of culture, and how you have been treated in the…show more content…
There is a different degree of these neurochemicals through gender-specific connections. Some of the main chemically differences are the serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical to help us sit still. Because of the different processing of this chemical boys are generally less inclined to sit still for long periods of time. There is a bonding chemical called oxytocin, males generally have less of this bonding oxytocin. Males have testosterone that the male sex and aggression chemical. This chemical makes the males generally more physically impulsive and aggressive. Males also have different stress releases then girls. The male brain generally has a more natural blood flow throughout the brain throughout any given, that would mean more white matter processing and because of higher degree of blood flow in the concentration part of the brain which is called the cingulate gyrus. That leads to females reflect more one emotional memories. Males generally analyze it an emotional memory somewhat and then they will move onto the next task. Males really analyze their feelings at all and they avoid feelings compared to

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