Brad Satire

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In addition to his discord with the show’s changing nature and his yearning for the past, Brad’s principled disposition used to approach conflict segregates him from his peers. Throughout the show, characters expect “things [to] always come out right in the end” if they constantly “accentuate the positive” (82, 83). Brad on the other hand tries to form viable solutions to the world’s problems such as donating the excess corn to the starving Filipino orphans. Doris and Wayne respond with disdain and hypocritical remarks characterizing Brad as an ingrate. Doris’ ironic remarks about the insufficiency of their abundant corn is Saunders’ mocking characterization of western society’s greed and inability to share, particularly focusing on those who ignorantly claim hard work for what privilege has afforded them. As a result of his…show more content…
This reaction creates a distinct dichotomy between Brad and the rest of the characters because of his contrasting ideals which they refuse to acknowledge. Brad is also the only character that acknowledges the screaming from the corpses in the backyard as a result of the rain. Others continued eating till second dessert as “nobody seems to hear it” (85). During the meal, Doris’ family members allege their wasted food could feed less fortunate people for “one week…one year…ten years,” illustrating their increasing arrogance (84). Through these two instances Saunders’ symbolizes developed society’s active indifference regarding other people’s misfortunes. The characters are not completely oblivious about issues of human rights violations. They are aware but deliberately apathetic in order to indulge in their superiority. They discuss the issues and claim “there is no
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