Funeral Service Of The Unknown Australian Soldier Speech Analysis

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Speeches give a sense of personal and emotional connection that cannot be gained from a written text, thus the reason speeches have and will always be an important aspect to society as they relate to humanity. Some speeches have an enduring relevance as they are composed and delivered to remain significant throughout time based on universal issues confronting society, whereas others are made only for the ‘moment’ being created for a certain event, usually never being referred to again. Two significant speeches; Anwar Sadat’s “Statement to the Knesset” and Paul Keating’s “Funeral Service of the Unknown Australian Soldier”, were composed with reference to context to symbolise specific universal values of; loss through sacrifice, the courage…show more content…
This is delineated in the third paragraph of his speech. The use of statistics and repetition through the rhetorical features of Logos represent the appreciation of sacrifice from soldiers at war in this century. ‘One of the 45,000 Australians who died on the Western Front. One of the 416,000 Australians who volunteered for Service in World War 1. One of the 100,000 Australians who have died in wars this century.’ The staccato of this paragraph creates momentum through rhythm in order to engage the audience, by specifying the statistics as a result of ‘war’. The repetition of ‘one’ minorities this soldier within the abounding state of service men and…show more content…
By rhetorically using repetition of inclusive language this extract reverberates the loss through sacrifice of this ‘Unknown Soldier’. By avoiding pessimistic flamboyant language in this line, Keating allows his audience to further consider the loss through sacrifice this soldier endured for his country and the loss to his family. This quote remains remarkably relevant today as we still lose Australian soldiers through war, while this ‘Unknown Soldier’ still remains unidentified implicating he could have been a member of any of our

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