Australia's Involvement In World War 1 Essay

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Australia’s involvement in World War 1 had many different facets that made it a very important time in Australia’s history as well as world history. Many Australians went to extraordinary lengths to enlist so they could serve their country as well as mother England knowing full well in doing so lives would be lost, but signing up anyway. In 1914 Australia had a fighting age male population of 820,000 of which by the end of the year 50,000 fit young men had enlisted to serve in World War 1. Preference was given to men with military experience to be the first to go and fight but there were many other men from all walks of life and backgrounds that stood tall and faced an enemy from the other side of the world. Australia was apart of the British Empire in 1914 and when war broke out and we as a nation had a duty to support the empire and…show more content…
Like a fever so many people were so affected by the will to fight and serve their country that they lied abut their age and health just so they were enlisted to fight against the enemy. Australian people considered the first contingent of men as being so lucky to go to war and the people left behind envied them. Articles in the nations papers were inspiring many people to enlist and continued the spread of unity in the empires cause. At the time of the war 90% of Australians had a British background and most aspects of life including education and laws were based on the British system. This made a recruitment to protect the empire from threat very easy for the government to put into place in the early stages. Through propaganda supplied by the government and delivered to the people in person or through the nations papers, as well as military marches designed to get the message across that fit Australian men need to fight for their

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