From Boys Life Short Story

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Both stories are almost really alike they have many things in common such as writing. In "from boy’s life" it has to do with trying to be let free as soon as possible, and trying to run fast but still has to go slow and be patient until the right time comes. Cory counts down how many days are left until he is free from school again. he is good in math and is an amazing writer. His teacher suggests to be in a writing competition for fun to see if he likes that or if he can win. In the story "emancipation: a life fable" it is almost the same as " from boy’s life" because they both want to be let free and escape. Also because they both feel trapped and feel like there inside of a cage. They feel trapped, they don’t want to be trapped anymore…show more content…
Another similarity is there both trying to wait patiently for the right moment to get away. They also seem to be impatient of getting away they like it out in the real world and want to see what it’s like. they hate being trapped they feel like wild animals who can’t escape. furthermore, they have many things alike actually. In the stories "From boy’s life" and "Emancipation: A life fable" there are also many differences one being one is a human boy and the other is an animal. The human boys name is Cory Mackenson the animal didn’t really have a name, another difference is Cory is being let free from school and the animal is escaping a cage. The animal has been in a cage for most of its life it provides a bed, food, and water. The human just wants to get out of school and get ready for summer. They are pretty different but they both want to be free from something. In both the stories "from boy’s life" and "Emancipation: A life Fable" both of the stories have differences and similarities. they both are different and alike in many ways, both of these stories are pretty amazing. I liked both stories they were fun to read and write about, they are mostly different though. Also even though they were different they are also alike and are cool to read. In conclusion, both of these stories are different and
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