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Fredrick Henry describes the events in the Italian settlement in prose. He uses a detached narrative and imagery to arouse great feelings about what to expect. For instance; soldiers armed with guns as well as ammunition under capes that make them appear “six months gone with child. “This imagery creates a tense mood of the unsaid and fairy negative tone. What happens later after rain is true to the reader’s anticipation because the rain cause outbreak of cholera killing a large number of soldiers. Fredrick’s diving into the river where there could more danger from crocodiles and snakes to avoid the battle police as a symbol of brutal and inhuman police. The mood in the wary situation could have triggered the police kill him or subject him to cruel treatment. It is sign of how unsecure War made the villages. ”It was not my show anymore” implies how unsafe he felt in the Italian village due to escalated battles.…show more content…
Catherine told Fredrick, “You don’t have to pretend you love me”. He even reveals that he confessed love for her before he actually was in love. Catherine realizes something was wrong as they touched and expressed love to one another; she asks him, “this is a rotten game we play, isn’t it?” She implies that she did not feel much of his love. The wary state at the time made their initial stages of their relationship subject to the worst experiences. Catherine lost her childhood fiancé while Fredrick had witnessed massive human suffering. The experiences had drawn the meaning of life from the two characters so that they all felt scared of each other and had no great love feelings for one

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