Fred Scrooge's Gaily As A Foil

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In this extract, Dickens uses specific language in order to portray Fred’s character as excitable and enthusiastic, such as when he is referred to as “a cheerful voice”. His enthusiastic manner is evident in the way he speaks and behaves – “…who came upon him so quickly…”, “…returned the nephew gaily.” The word ‘gaily’ means “in a cheerful or light-hearted way” this can be interpreted as meaning that Fred was exuberant. Dickens uses Fred as a foil to Scrooge’s character, “What right have you to be merry?” and “what right have you to be dismal?” These two quotes both show contrast between the two characters. Dickens has cleverly used Fred as a foil in order to emphasise Scrooge’s negative qualities, and to make Fred appear to be impeccable.

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