Fraser Cain's How Mountains Are Formed

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Mountains are a landform that escalates above the surrounding environment in a limited space, made up of rocks and earth, and exist on every continent. They play an important role in the existence of animals, plants, and people. As well as helping as protection against harsh weather conditions. The mountains arroyos work as a drainage to make water flow to the lower areas surrounding it that moistens vegetation. The mountains that Hollywood Hills occupies were formed from convergent boundaries. A convergent boundary is when two tectonic plates collide or crash into each other forming an uplift and resulting in a mountain. According to “How Mountains Are Formed,” by Fraser Cain, there are five types of mountains and each type is formed in a…show more content…
There are many ways that mountains can be formed, but take millions of years to process. Most of the main mountain ranges are generated when the tectonic plates of earth crash together. This is a result of convergent boundary because two plates crash together and the outcome becomes a mountain. They can also be created along a fault line. A fault line is a fracture in the crust of earth in which rocks on opposite sides slid past each other and can be barely noticeable or visible without a doubt. The three types of faults are normal, thrust/reverse, and strike-slip faults. Either fault is the aftermath of distinctive forces pushing or pulling on the crust and cause rocks to glide up, down, or past each…show more content…
Faults are a slim zone of crushed rock that separates blocks of earth’s crust. If an earthquake was to occur geologists argue that the rocks on one side of the fault would slip in contrast to the other side. It is formed by the huge Elysian fault that begins offshore, rises under the Channel Islands, crosses Santa Monica which pushes up the Santa Monica Mountains, intersects into Hollywood and part of Los Angeles, and then gives rise to Hollywood Hills mentions Dr. Davis in “Seismologists Debate Los Angeles’s Faults.” The place that the Hollywood Hills is located has been investigated and there is a lot of convincing evidence that there is no active earthquake fault

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