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Frankie Landau-Banks from The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks shows that she is a feminist throughout the novel by not only standing up to boys who mistreat her, but standing up to her friends and other females who say things that imply men are better than women. A feminist is someone who advocates for women to have the same rights of men on the grounds of politics, economics, and social equality. One early example of Frankie questions why she can't walk into town saying, "If I were a boy, then would you let me?" (pg. 12) She was advocating for her rights as a girl, like feminist do, and demanding the same rights as her male cousins. She was also being brave, by standing up to her mother and ask a very sensitive question. Another…show more content…
Maybe Matthew should worry about me taking advantage of him" (pg. 142) This shows Frankie speaking on for not only herself, but other girls and women also. She is telling Porter that boys are not the only ones that can cause harm or take advantage of people. She is telling him how capable females actually are and not claiming the vulnerability that comes with being a girl. The last example of how Frankie shows herself as a feminist is when she says, "Because once you say that women are one way, and men are another, and say how it is in other species so that's gotta be how it is in people, then even if it's somewhat true ---even if it's quite a good amount true--- you're setting yourself up to make all kinds of assumptions that actually really suck. Like women tend to corporate with each other an therefore don’t have enough competitive drive to run major companies or lead army squadrons. Or men are inherently unfaithful because they want to propagate their seed. Assumptions like these do nothing but cause problems in the world." (pg.162) Frankie is standing up to the popular girls in order to advocate for women and speak truth. She is also being kind and educating them on feminism even though she doesn’t have a popular

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