Marjalyza Magni Case Study

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I had the opportunity to analyze others personality, her name is Marjalyza Reyes, 31 years old, an IT staff in a BPO company. She allowed me to have her as my subject since she also want to know herself more and connect her behaviors and experiences in most of our personality theorist. Marjalyza is the eldest among her 3 siblings; the youngest was their adopted sister. According to Adler, character traits and behaviors derive primarily from developmental issues, including birth order. Being the eldest she has to learn to share. Parent expectations are usually very high. Often given responsibility and expected to set an example. She also tends to become authoritarian and strict, and when their parents are out of the country she serves as the guardian for her other siblings. She told me that after giving birth on her, her mom did not have any hard time on breast feeding, her mother was able to feed her without any problem, according to Sullivan's theory of particular importance are the personifications of the caring, nurturing good mother. For Sullivan, the oral stage is about eating: the infant gets hungry, and can satisfy that hunger through nursing at its mother's breast. Just as there are it can be categorized as a "good" nipple, a source of hunger satisfaction…show more content…
Every time they did great on something, her mother will bring them to their favorite fast food or will buy them toys, and on the other hand if they did something wrong, they are reprimanded, they are not allowed to play and they just need to stay on their room the whole day. Unlike any other parents, their mother doesn’t hurt or punish them physically, like slapping them or using belt and slippers for their punishment, no, they have not experienced it since

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