Forest Trail Narrative

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Forest Trail I stepped off of the bus and onto the crunchy snow below. I looked up to the oversized sign reading “Cascade Mountain.” My friends trickled off of the bus one by one behind me. I stood there in my bright yellow jacket and jet black snow pants looking for my snowboard in the jenga-tower of skis, snowboards, and poles in the bottom of the bus. Gear was yanked quickly to try and avoid the collapse of the tower. I found my board, and pulled on it hoping to not lose the game of jenga. I dropped it in the hard snow behind me and waited for my friends to find their gear in the mess. We started to gather in a group one at a time. John was quick to my side. Aidan, otherwise known as Celner, arrived next. Jake followed and joined our…show more content…
I needed to slow down, but I was surrounded by trees. I carved off of the path into the powder creating a wall of snow like an avalanche. The powder quickly brought my speed down until I was at a complete stop. Now I was far behind my friends and I could no longer see them. “I need to catch up.” My best bet of catching up was to unbuckle my back foot and push. I coasted along the trail for what seemed like an hour. In front of me was a straight shot to the exit of the trail. I pushed forward and quickly realized how much of an incline it was. I gained speed quickly, but I couldn’t slow down or stop without hitting a tree. With my back foot not locked to my board, I put my foot on the middle of my board. Ice had accumulated and my foot slid off. I had no control over my speed or direction. The exit seemed to disappear, but a tree rapidly grew in size in front of me. “Please don’t hit the tree. Please don’t hit the tree.” The Whoosh of the tree behind me was relieving. I unexpectedly hit the next tree. My goggles flew off of my face. The front of my board crunched around the tree. I hit the ground and lay there in shock with my mouth open. I sat up and closed my mouth, but my teeth were no longer lined up. I panicked, worrying that I had smashed my teeth on the tree. I crawled to the exit and rode down to the bottom of the mountain to my friends. They asked if I was okay and I broke down from

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