Mary Mackillop's Legacy

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“Never see a need without doing something about it” 1871~ Her Legacy Mary Mackillop was considered to be the Australian peoples saint. Mary brought the message of human dignity to all whom she encountered. Stories abound of her compassionate embrace to everyone, especially the poor of rural Australia. Mary had long had an unspoken desire for religious life, especially one founded on serving the poor. Mary longed to serve better the educational and spiritual needs of the poor and was acutely aware of the ever increasing number of children growing up in pastoralist areas of the growing colony of Australia.Towns were emerging in many areas and providing schools for children was becoming increasingly problematic. Mary was particularly concerned…show more content…
During her time she felt the increasing need to educate others, who in poverty, were left to their own devices. Soon other children were able to join in the lesson conducted by Mary. For this Mary was easily able to make contributions to the small town of Penola. Her influential stance on education through the rural and outback communities had a signifiant impact on Catholic schools and the way children were being taught. Not only was her role significant to education but also through orphanages, schools and teaching systems, all which she charitably created. She became an important model for Catholic development. From Mary’s often troubled and humble beginnings in Melbourne to the establishment of a school in a stable in Penola, her early life showed her great desire to do Gods will and help those in need. With her formal teaching qualifications, January 1866 saw Mary and her sister start a school that promoted Fr Woods and Marys vision. She Started the school and taught anyone who was willing to learn, after she shared her deep desires and dreams to serve the poor in greater ways with Fr Julian Woods, who later on became her spiritual guider. Fr woods dream and Mary’s desire would combine in Penola in 1866 to found the Sisters of St Joseph of Sacred Heart. For the first time Mary was able to give her life to God in a way she most earnestly yearned for. Mary had a vision to provide for the poorer classes, leaden to the foundation of many schools around Australia and New

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