Fixing Hollywood's Diversity Problem, By Eboo Patel

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In discussions of does America cherish diversity, one controversial issue has been if America really does treat everyone equal. On the one hand, Eboo Patel in his article “Making the Future Better, Together”, he argues that America is all about being diverse, as long as we work together. On the other hand, in Jena McGregor’s article “Fixing Hollywood's Diversity Problem” opposes that America is far from being diverse opposes Patel’s article. Others believe that America cherishes the “idea” of being diverse, just that we're not doing anything to succeed. My own view is that America does cherish diversity. The problem is, that people are only focusing on the negative side. The millennial age is changing the way people of all ages viewpoint of America being diverse. As Patel says in “Making the Future Better, Together” “when you serve, you are apart of the future, when you dream, you are part of the future. When you build bridges that show we are better together you lower the barriers that make people believe we are better apart.” By this, Patal means that the millennial generation is standing up for equality. They are showing the world that we are fighting for the rights of all, including but not limited to religion, sexuality, and race. The world has changed so much. We’ve gone from blacks being slaves to having a black president leading our country.…show more content…
The people who were on the side of America not cherishing diversity spoke on how racism still exists to this day. Some were undecided undecided. A fellow student made a good point on how America cherishes the “idea” of being diverse but isn’t doing much to excel. Another fellow student argued that America is diverse, considering that we currently have a black president. I did find it interesting that the people of different races and a different sexuality said that America did not cherish

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