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Chuck Yeager "The Fastest Man Alive" Chuck Yeager was one of the bravest military leaders in US History whose courage and knowledge has greatly impacted the world. The first newspaper to release a story about the breaking of the sound barrier. Yeager standing next to the plane he named after his wife, Glennis Leadership Chuck Yeager was a leader in many ways. He has inspired many others to follow in his footsteps by joining the military and through serving others. He led countless successful missions during World War II, and in 1963 he took charge of the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilots' School, where he trained pilots for future space flight. He even supervised Pakistan's air defense when they went to war with India, and in April 2012 he led "The Speed of Sound Tour" in Afghanistan, supporting and inspiring our troops. Legacy Chuck Yeager is the most famous test pilot in…show more content…
He enlisted in the army at 18 and began flying combat missions in 1944. On his 8th mission he was shot down over enemy territory in France but managed to evade capture. Yeager flew a total of 64 combat missions during the war, shooting down 5 enemy planes in a single day, and a total of 13 by the end of the war. He flew his last mission in January, 1995, and married his fiance, Glennis, the following month. After the war Yeager became a flight instructor and test pilot for the Flight Test Division in Wright Field, Ohio. He was assigned to test a rocket powered plane which many believed would be impossible to survive. Yeager accepted the mission, hiding the fact that he had broken ribs in a horse riding accident just days before. October14,1947, Chuck Yeager flew faster than the speed of sound, with broken ribs! He went on to complete many other projects in the field of aviation and retired from active duty in 1975. Then, on the 50th anniversary of his miraculous flight, he broke the sound barrier again at over twice the

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