Puritan Education Vs American Education Essay

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There are many ways that the Puritan view of education is different and similar as to what we have today in America. There are similarities between the way that the Puritans viewed education and the way that Americans today view education. Students back then and today go to school to prepare themselves for college. The first thing Americans learn today in school is how to read and write. We are taught how to do that first because that is the basis of doing everything else. The Puritans mainly focused reading and writing in school. Some schools around the country base their education off of religion. Religion plays a big part in those certain schools. The Puritans studied the Bible often during school. In schools today students learn by using…show more content…
The Puritan boys were allowed to attend school but the girls weren’t. The girls didn’t get an education but learned how to work in the garden, cook, sew, and take care of animals. Today, girls and boys attend school. The Puritans didn’t have schoolhouses. Children were taught at home or in private institutes. Americans today go to schools and get taught by teachers. Back then, religion was a big part of their education. They studied the Bible constantly. Most schools today don’t focus their education around religion. There are certain religious schools but they mainly learn about education. Students go to school to learn subjects to prepare them for college. The textbook the Puritans used was called The New England Primer. They called it their Bible and used it to learn the alphabet, vowels, and study scriptures. Today, students use many textbooks in school. The Puritans had strict and cold learning environments. In American today, schools are heated and are very updated. Kids may have gotten beaten or embarrassed by their teacher if they misbehaved in the 1700s. If students get in trouble today, they might get sent to the principal's office but they will not get beaten. When the boys weren’t attending they learned how to farm, hunt, and build and fix things. Some boys today like to do those activities but not everyone

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