Film Analysis: Fast Times At Ridgemont High

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intercourse with his friend’s mom. This incident with Stifler’s mom becomes a running joke throughout the film series. The main focus in Fast Times at Ridgemont High is on the teenagers. Parents have very small one or two line roles in the film. We only see Brad and Stacy’s mom when she says goodnight to Stacy before Stacy sneaks out of the house. Another parent we hear from is Demone’s mom when she answers the phone. We can assume that everyone has a parent and given the ages of the characters that most likely both parents work outside the home. Inside the school we really only see the characters interact with two teachers, Mr. Hand and Mr. Vargas. Mr. Hand interacts with Spicoli more than the other students. Mr. Vargas take his science class on a trip to the local morgue. Neither play a defining role in the students’ lives. The overall society of the 1980’s does not play a role in the lives of the characters. None of the global issues going on during this time are brought to light in this film.…show more content…
The most hands on parent is Jim’s dad, Noah Levenstein played by Eugene Levy. Throughout the film he is supportive of his son during this awkward time in his life. During the film we see Noah have a visibly uncomfortable sex talk with his son when he gives Jim a bag containing condoms and pornography. We also have Stifler’s mom who seduces Finch on prom night. In American Pie we do not see much interactions with teachers. But a motivational speech by Oz lacrosse coach helps guide Oz’s decision to leave the game and join Heather at the choir finals. Society, again does not have any significant impact on the

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