Film Analysis: 22 Jump Street

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22 Jump Street In the hit film 22 Jump Street, the author does a thrilling job at creating a sense of lowbrow style humor, which aids in targeting to a young audience of at least fifteen years of age. The movies explicit content of dialogue, action scenes, and humor make up the several techniques used throughout the movie, which present the comical sequel to 21 Jump Street. With the sequel of 22 Jump Street, returning stars Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum), return back to their boss Capt. Dickson (Ice Cube) to bring on a new assignment for their chief (Nick Offerman) as college students. The two find themselves back where they started on Jump Street, but this time across the street, in a high tech facility with the Vietnamese Jesus. The sequel has a few changes, Schmidt gets into a cool artsy crowd,…show more content…
The film is stationed on a college campus which besides the studying, serves as a happy place away from home for students. The selected audience is targeted because of where the story takes place, along with all the props, and selected characters throughout the film. The use of alcohol and drugs relate to the college scene, which stereotypes that those are the things college students part take in. The guns throughout the movie portray the main characters jobs, and although guns are usually viewed as dangerous, throughout this film they are viewed as being cool. The use of guns help aid in making the movie full of action, as for in the beginning a shootout, and later on in the movie a shootout as well, resulting in a helicopter blowing up as result of a thrown hand grenade. The movie targets a strong male audience as well, because of the practically half naked women throughout the film. The use of dialogue and using foul language also aid in attracting an audience, to understand the jokes and language used you must be at least a

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