Fight Club: Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Fight club is a drama that is based on the novel “Fight Club.” There are two main characters, the narrator and a character named Tyler Durden. The narrator doesn’t have a name and is played by Edward Norton. The character Tyler Durden is played by Brad Pitt and is suppose to be who the narrator wants to be. The movie is about a man who has insomnia and is trying to find a way to help him sleep. When he visits the doctor, the doctor tells him that he isn’t suffering my insomnia and he should visit a support group. So the narrator starts to go to these support groups and there he lets go and cries. He realizes that him crying and letting go helps him sleep so he keeps on visiting these support groups. This works until he meets woman named…show more content…
The first method I would use would be psychotherapy. This method is the most used method to treat people with dissociative identity disorder and I feel it will be the most helpful for the narrator. I would begin by talking to the narrator to try and find out if any traumatic event occurred to him as a child or recently. Once uncovering this traumatic event I would talk to the narrator and see if we could find all of his “alters.” Uncovering the alters is a big accomplishment in this treatment and will help the narrator later on. Once we uncover the narrator’s alter, Tyler Durden, we can attempt to “fuse” the alters into one integrated personality. This step can take a while and even after this has happened it is recommended to continue treatment after for a while. Now since dissociative identity disorder can’t be cured, I would use a another treatment method to help the narrator a little more. I would avoid using any medications since there really isn’t any medications dedicated to helping dissociative identity disorder. There are some antidepressants that could help the narrator’s mood, but with his background I wouldn’t prescribe them. He would have to be carefully monitored and they would need to be given on time. So, the next treatment I…show more content…
In the movie we can see the other personality in the narrator does what the narrator is scared to do. He is an a charming and outgoing guy, while the narrator is a shy one. We can see in the movie many times when this takes place. The alter Tyler Durden even had sex with the woman the narrator was too shy to go for. The next thing in the movie that was interesting is when the narrator is talking to Tyler and finds out he is just part of him. So he takes the gun and shoots himself. This can be seen as the narrator finally overcoming his alter, Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden disappears after that and the narrator can be seen looking relieved. An inaccurate message from the movie is how the two alters interact and talk to each other. Dissociative identity disorder is when the alters switch and take over the person. In the movie we can see how they talk to each other in public places and around other people. Later on we can see the narrator was talking to himself, confusing some of the other people. Like I said, in dissociative identity disorder the alters take over and from there show their own personality, they do not talk to each other and see each other as other

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