Change Theory For The Advance Practice Nurse

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Change Theory for the Advance Practice Nurse Nursing has evolved in many different aspects. Development of theories and models are used interchangeably in nursing practice. A theory is “a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action” (Dictionary). Nursing theories are concepts that help lead the nursing practice. (Nursing theory website). For years, the role of a nurse has been changing in the healthcare realm as well as its scope of practice. Advance practice nursing (APN) has been growing quickly is utilizes knowledge based practice from nursing theories in the APN role. One such theory which is constantly being used by an APN on a daily basis is the Change Theory, developed by Kurt Lewin. Also known as the father…show more content…
Lewin identified three concepts in order to be successful in change. These concepts include, driving forces, restraining forces, and equilibrium. Unfreezing in the change theory involves a method for a person to get rid of their old habits which was presumed to be counterproductive (Nursing theory website). In order to successfully unfreeze the old habit, driving and restraining forces and equilibrium concepts are used. The driving forces push the behavior away from the current situation to a desired change. The second concept is eliminating or reducing the restraining forces that would hinder change and push back to undesired situation. Once there is a balance between the two forces, equilibrium is reached, and the person can continue to the next phase of the…show more content…
Nurse Practitioners are not only dealing with the individual, but may also be dealing with the family as whole when providing care. It is important for us to understand the “family background, structure and level of function” when caring for a patient (Family Focused Article). In order for the NP to implement certain health changes in the individual patient, it is important to understand the patient’s needs background to be successful. Change relies on the individual’s awareness of the behaviors or problems. “The NP must understand that facilitating change is necessary to help stabilize the individual and family unit in major life events, such as disabilities, addictions and/or health status adjustments” (Family Focused Article). Once the NP is aware of the patient’s background and family dynamics, it will be easier to implement a health behavior change and ensure a successful outcome for the

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