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Master Patient Index Name: Institution: Master Patient Index (MPI) is an electronic database that stores patients’ information including names, contacts and medical information. It assigns a unique index or identifier to every patient to ensure each patient’s records are not duplicated at all levels of the health organization (Martin, 1976). MPI ensure that a patient is recorded only once using one unique identification within all the departments of the health care facility. Unlike traditional way of recording and storing patients’ data in files, MPI makes this process efficient, fast and accurate in addition to ensuring that records are shared and easily accessed across all departments of the facility. Furthermore, MPIs may also include…show more content…
It also connects the various departments in a health centre, allowing sharing of information. This allows for quick service to patients and greater organization within the facility (Martin, 1976).. According to the Institute of Medicine (U.S.), 1997), MPI has wealth of benefits in the delivery of services in the various departments of the healthcare facility. At the management level, MPI is a great tool to be used by the various heads of departments. This is because it provides accurate and current information across the departments. MPI also eradicates data redundancy making access of accurate, up to date information possible. A proper organization of records across all the departments therefore eases the management functions of the facility. Use of MPI ensures patient safety. This is because physicians will be assured of the right records for the right patient. A physician is able to find out what the patient has been tasted for and the medications currently being used. Administration of drugs and treatment is more efficient and faster ( Institute of Medicine (U.S.),

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