Family Life In The Kotze

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In the Kotze case study it stressed that stable family life was not a possibility because of the completion of jobs that did not allow for families to have the freedom to be together and enjoy the comfort of available parents. These jobs were migratory employments meaning which the parents would leave their children or leave with them to leave in the employment settlements. Children with no present parents often exhibit social and instability issues. According to Edward Kruk, children whose parents are often absent for long periods start to develop behavioural problems. These problems are brought about by their attempt at shying away from the reality that their parent/s are not around. In the Dixie settlement they tried to combat missing parental…show more content…
In the case of an abandoned family by the male; it would be difficult for the women to find a way to provide for their children while at the same time have to do all the chores and take care of the children. Coping would be a major issue for women in Matrifocal homesteads. During these times there were no normal nine-to-five jobs and in most cases to find a job it would have to take you a taxi or bus ride away to get there and the distance would be lengthy making it difficult for the women to make it on time to still be a complete parent and decision maker hence causing instability in the…show more content…
In the case study of Gough, we can evidently see that the presence of polyandry meant that the fore mentioned criteria of marriage does not apply because the unison of sexual activity does not play into effect because the wives can have multiple husbands; the division of labour does not apply as well because the children would be claimed by any of the husbands that come to visit and the arrangement of having to live in the same homestead was non-existent because; they were visiting husbands which meant that they did not live with the wife. Gough further gives the term “marriage” a different meaning that suggests that marriage is not confined to the concept of conjugal. Furthermore, marriage relative to his definition of it would include a variety of other forms of arrangements to allow for the inclusion of cross cultural perspectives and cultural expectation of the

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