Family Guy And Freud: Jokes And Their Relation To The Unconscious

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“The Influence on the Unconscious” As young adults, we have laid around our homes for countless hours watching different types of television programing. Many of us, have a good idea on whether a program tries to offend viewers with their content. For over a decade, the popular television show “Family Guy” created by Seth MacFarlane, has shown controversial content that many people throughout the world have either loved or hated. In the writing piece titled, “Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious” by Antonia Peacocke that is discussed below encourages us to distinguish between offensive and insightful content that airs on Family Guy. However, Peacocke fails to recognize that Family Guy airs tamed comedy for entertainment by demonstrating how many elements that are portrayed on the show exists in our society today without intentionally hurting its viewers.…show more content…
Brain goes on to commit that the only reason Stewie is reading the novel is because Oprah told him and that he follows her every word like a sheep in the herd. Which leads to the thought that many Americans are willing to follow the instructions of a celebrity blindly and are less willing to admit that they are doing so. Peacocke goes on to state that these off color jokes give Family Guy a bad name and attract a different kind of viewer, who generally do not follow the

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