Fahrenheit 451 Message Analysis

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The overall message I wish to convey in this trailer is that one person can change who you are,I chose this message because Montag was a fireman for over 10 years and only when he met Clarissa is when he started to change and rebel against the firemen. Clarissa changed who he was. I chose scene one to three because these scenes show best how one person can change who you are. In the first scene it shows Montag just meeting clarissa for the first time and she keeps asking him all these questions which make him start to question what he does. The second scene shows Captain Beatty, coming up to Montag in his house and talking about all these books and the reason why they burn it, at this point Montag is still curious because after his conversation with Clarissa he’s still wondering why people would risk their lives and future just…show more content…
I chose the setting of the scenes based on where the book located each scene, but I made sure that every scene’s vibe affected its setting. For example, when Montag is fighting with Mildred it’s a dark scene at night because it brings out more suspense. I chose my props and costumes on how the actors’ setting was placed. So for example, at night when Mildred was fighting with Montag before asking him to choose, she was in her pajamas in the scene. Or when Montag and Beatty are fighting and he takes his Flame Thrower from him, substituting flame thrower, we got a lighter and axe. We did this because it brings more suspense to the trailer when Beatty gets burned. I spent about two days shooting my trailer and about 3 days editing my trailer. I put my voice over in the beginning and middle because when a voiceover is in the beginning of the trailer it builds you up with a question that automatically makes you want to watch more of the trailer. I also put one in the middle because it brings the climax of the trailer a certain je ne se

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