How To Write A Lord Of The Flies Response Essay

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All great books have great endings, whether we readers like them or not, they can be powerful but yet confusing and irritating. Great endings like these solve one issue, but open up the doors for many more issues. The ending of Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a perfect example of this. The issue of whether Ralph will be killed or not, is resolved when a naval officer arrives after seeing smoke coming from the island. We readers gain a sense of relief for Ralph, as he is our protagonist, and our hero. As that issue is resolved, it opens up the floor for more issues or questions to come about. Questions that include, “Will the naval officer be able to take all of the boys”, or “What will the boys do next if they are rescued?” and even, “What emotional and/or mental issues will the boys face?” These three questions are the main concerns we…show more content…
Ralph looks up, and the officer says to him, “ Are there any adults- any grownups with you?” and “Nobody killed, i hope? Any dead bodies?” As the officer learns that there is infact no adults on the island, and that some of the boys have been killed, he feels disappointed and embarrassed. He states, “I should have thought that a pack of British boys- you’re all British, aren’t you? Would have been able to put up a better show than that- I mean-?” First of all, the officer is ashamed of the boys. The fact that they are British and they would act so out of conduct. Second, the officer asks Ralph how many boys there were, but Ralph is unsure. But, if boys were hunting you and trying to kill you, would you really want to help them? The question, “will all of the boys get rescued?” is brought to the surface. We don’t know if the officer will take them, and we don’t know how many he will take. So, if the boys do get rescued, what will they do

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