Explain Why Kids Should Not Eat Too Much Sugar Essay

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Current Composition View Graphic Organizer Print Exit Score / Total: 100 / 100 Writing Composition: Kids Should Not Eat Too Much Processed Sugar From experience, I know that eating sweets and consuming too much sugar is not healthy for the human body. This could lead to drastic negative effects on the body. As scienitists discover more information about the human body. It becomes more and more evident that feeding children too much sugar is a horrible thing to do, especially at an early age. If this continues for a very long period of time it can damage the brain severly. Kids should not eat too much processed sugar because this can trigger hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), increase their chances of childhood diabetes, and lead to childhood obesity.…show more content…
I strongly believe that they are WRONG! On the contrary, resreach has proven that sugar has a major effect on the brain. Through my observations most kids act less than normal when exposed to too much processed sugars. For example, eating a piece of fruit has a different effect on a child's behavior than digesting a candy bar before normal daily activities at school. The end result of the candy bar is hyperactivity, the inability to focus in class, and sometimes anxiety. Which all leads to disciplinary actions and discouraging grades. On the other hand, fruits impact the body differently because fruits provide the body with vitamins, calcium and fiber and it is able to process natural sugars better. Which helps your body to react regular and more

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