Explain Why Cilla Should Have Gone With Issanah

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90% of young girls who are offered jobs refuse at first but regret it later. Cilla Lapham was a girl whose father was a silversmith. She had a beautiful sister named Issanah. One day, a rich woman came to the house on business, and saw Issanah out in the yard. She saw how pretty she was, and asked Mrs. Lapham if she could take the child home as a sort of pet. Mrs. Lapham eagerly agreed when she saw how rich the woman was, but Issanah threw a fit when she heard about it. She said she wouldn’t go without Cilla and that was final. Lavinia Lyte, desperate to win the child over, promptly offered Cilla a job. Cilla should have gone with Issanah for these three reasons. Issanah needed help, the family needed food, and Cilla needed information. The

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