Explain What Were The Conditions Like For The Soldiers In Ww1 Trenches

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What were the trenches? Trenches are defined man made tunnels in the ground. They have an open top and are used as a battle strategy for soldiers fighting in wars. In WW1 (World war one) there were two sets of trenches one on each side of the battle ground and no man’s land in the middle. Armed soldiers would fire from sat in the trenches across to the opposing side. Were men from all armies involved in trench warfare? In WW1 trenches of all sort were used, many were used for storing goods, providing sleeping areas, and barricading themselves from the enemy. Countries involved in the trench systems were Bulgaria, Austria/Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Germany and on the opposing side Britain, France, Russia and United States. November…show more content…
The conditions in the trenches were horrific. It depended on the surroundings of the area. Some trenches were long and thin some were wide and short. Just imagine at the end of the war walking through the enemy’s trench to find dead bodies everywhere gas masks filling the floor from your attacks, rats scurrying everywhere nibbling on whatever they could find hoping for something to eat. The odour would be unimaginable, the smell of sweat, blood, dead bodies, gun powder and dirt swarming the area. What medical aid was there? In the trenches soldiers suffered from many illnesses. It would be hard to breath and could cause respiratory infections, sleeping conditions wouldn’t exactly be five star. When the soldiers walk along the floor your feet would be muddy there would be water with all sorts of things mixed up in it as in the picture above there is water all through the trench. As a result of this your feet would always be wet and muddy this caused a common illness in the trenches named trench foot. Trench foot basically rotted your foot and could result in amputations. There was no real cure for this but keeping your feet warm and dry (that’s why you should clean your socks). Soldiers often did a feet check to see if their feet were in some way

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