Experimental Tourism Case Study

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Summary At London Heathrow Airport, we offer unique sleeping cabins. The travel industry takes an evolutionary step yearly, as companies are offering innovative solutions to the unavoidable problems people face every day (Farley, 2015). The travel and tourism market lack unique sleeping cabins, especially sleeping cabins which provide full relaxation of the body and lets passengers feel as if they were already at the desired destination. The objective is to fill this gap in the market, a new concept of sleeping cabins is proposed in this document. At the moment, there is no direct competition. This is an excellent opportunity to be the first in the market to provide sleeping cabins with a virtual reality feature. Due to the growing number…show more content…
V-Nap provides unique sleeping cabins for the passengers, to experience desired destinations through a virtual camera while waiting for their flight. Mission Statement Our mission is to assure people have a great time viewing the destination highlights through a virtual camera. Experimental Tourism The French journalist, Mr. Joel Henry started Experimental Tourism. Experimental Tourism can be defined as something between game and travel (Bures, 2005). The main goal is to look at travel experiences as if one place is as worthy as any other. Experimental tourism provides varied experiences that match tourists’ interests and provide a sense of personal accomplishment, thereby creating personal unique memories (The Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association, 2014). Qualities and skills as a manager Obtained a Bachelors degree in International Business on February 8, 2008. Worked as a Financial Services Manager at Royal Caribbean International. Wide range of knowledge in travel and tourism industry. Established V-Nap at London Heathrow Airport (terminal 3) in…show more content…
An estimated financial investment of $600.000 is needed and is calculated as follows: ♦ Space rental: $200.000 ♦ Construction materials: $300.000 ♦ Employee salaries: $25.000 ♦ Marketing/ promotion: $75.000 However, these figures may change, and are just a rough estimate of the total financial costs for the business. Though starting a business is not the simplest thing due to all the investments needed, it is always possible to take a loan at the bank. Conclusion It can be concluded that London Heathrow Airport remains one of the busiest airports in the world, which is a significant business opportunity for this company. There is no place where people can finish paperwork, take naps without worrying about belongings being stolen, and that’s where V-Nap comes in. Instead of stressing about a delayed flight, people can simply use V-Nap and experience the virtual reality camera to get excited about dream destinations. Now a day, almost everything evolves around technology and virtual reality has become something very popular and is used in many ways. Therefore, we have added this to our sleeping cabins located in terminal 3 at London Heathrow Airport

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