Examples Of El Colacho As A Rite Of Passage

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A rite of passage is a transition into a new state of your life. Rite of passages in some cultures are extremely dangerous and others not as much. El Colacho is a rite of passage when grown men in Spain jump over babies in order to protect them from sickness and cleanse them from health. El colacho is also known as “Baby Jumping” it occurs during the religious festival Corpus Christi 60 days after Easter.The El colacho takes place in the town of Castrillo de Murcia. Castrillo de Murcia is a very small town with only a population of 500 people. Many people don’t even know this place exist. This ritual has been pasted down for centuries, this is the only place you can see this event being held. El Colacho kind of portrays as baptism but Baby jumping is more extreme and dangerous. This rite of passage is used for cleansing the infant’s and opening God’s path for them to follow.…show more content…
They are dressed in yellow and red suits. The men walk down the streets and before jumping over the infant's terrorizing the crowds. They use whips and switches to put the onlookers in fear, it doesn’t matter what age you are they chase the young and the old. No one dares to stand there because of the brutal pain the switches and whips can bring. This event could be very dangerous and cause very serious injuries. It could also be nerve-racking for the parents or anyone to watch. The infant’s who are able to participate in this ritual must have been born in the past

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