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1. Thomas Nilsen’s principle of “significant choice” focuses on the degree of free, informed, and critical choice that is fostered by communication on matters significant to us. This means that when communicating a message the speaker must try to seek the best information available and include knowledge of various alternatives to his point. Fox News often does not seek the ideal of significant choice and instead focuses on primarily offering the viewpoints of a strong republican. In this view, Fox News is unethical because instead of served the community and strengthening the process of democracy in offering different viewpoints or interests on topics it prevents its audience from forming their own opinion on a subject and makes the opinion for their audience. While many have claimed that the news stations is strongly republican, Fox News…show more content…
The beliefs of its owner Rupert Murdoch and other members of the Republican Party heavily influence Fox News. This is why a viewer can see many notable political party candidates such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck appear regularly on the station. According to Nilsen, any form of communication should allow the receiver to voluntarily make a choice after receiving the message and learning of the context of that message. Fox News fails to inform its audience that it works for the more conservative side of politics and takes away this voluntary choice. Communications are to foster the freedom of expression and constructive criticism, but also set an example of quality in speech content and civility. Fox News does not do this that often because it tries to preserve the idea that its hosts and stories are completely accurate and correct. In doing so, the audience does not hear any outside perspective besides those that are primarily paid by Fox News. Often times, Fox News, will bring in people to provide some counterpoint, but these

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