Eugenics Persuasive Essay

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During the 19th century after WW2, Galton proposed the idea of Eugenic based on the theory of Charles Darwin after reading the “Origin of species”, which he concludes that natural selection is thwarted by civilization. Eugenics movement has risen from its core, which aims to improve humanity by promoting healthy and “capable” people to procreate more off springs while denying less capable citizens from making off springs, which are termed positive eugenics and negative eugenics respectively. By enforcing this ideal, they are going based off of opinion ethics in the belief that the unfit people are considered a hindrance to society by exposing the unfit, going against the code of virtue and vice ethics. To enforce this further, they have created the…show more content…
Kellogg, founder of the Race Betterment Foundation, also favors the idea of eugenics and believed that immigrants and non-white citizens would hinder the genetic pool. Critics from individuals such as Godfrey and Weinberg, the poor families, mentally ill, etc. denies Eugenics idea due to the fact that it violates an individual’s identity, their reputation, discriminations, and human rights. An example to demonstrate the absurdity of this ideal can be seen in Buck v. Bell case, which the court rule permits sterilization of unfit people, which is seen as an endorsement towards eugenics. During the case, the Board of Director rules Buck to be sterilized, and classified Buck and her family to be considered unfit. However, Buck and her guardian argues that it is in violation of due process, which guarantees the right for citizens to procreate, and the 14th amendments was at stake, since the sterilization law only targets the “feeble-minded” and no one else. This hurts the definition of human rights, and in implementing sterilization to people without consent, this shows that government’s court cases can potentially be a threat to people’s right. However,

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