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With almost 41,200 deaths a year, suicide is a major issue in today’s society (Pappas). Suicide is the act that one takes voluntarily to end his/her own life. As described by Durkheim, three types of suicide are egoistic, altruistic and anomic suicide. Egoistic suicide occurs when one believes that he/she is alone in the world; he/she feels lonely and secluded (Zulke). Altruistic suicide occurs when one is involved in a group that is perceived as more important than the individuals of the group (Zulke). Individuals commit suicide to assist their group; they trust that their life is unimportant and put the good of the group before themselves. Lastly, anomic suicide occurs when one’s society or social environment changes and one lacks control or understanding of the norms (Zulke). Factors around the individual change and the individual is not able to keep up with the changes; he/she forgets their purpose in life and forgets…show more content…
Just after five years of opening Victoria’s Secret, Raymond’s company had made over four million dollars in sales (Blakeman). However, the company was described to be close to bankruptcy. So, Raymond sold his company to Leslie Wexner for one million dollars (Blakeman). After leaving Victoria’s Secret, Raymond decided to create a company for children’s clothes and a children’s bookstore (Blakeman). Sadly, after some years both companies failed, causing Raymond to lose his two homes and cars (Blakeman). He and his wife divorced and later that year, he committed suicide (Blakeman). Roy Raymond committed anomic suicide due to his repeated misfortune. He tried many times and failed. I believe that Raymond though that he was an unsuccessful businessman and then a petty husband, after his divorce. He thought that his life was meaningless and decided to take his life. He felt like a failure and had no purpose

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