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Nicolas Poussin’s painting “The Rape of the Sabine Women” in the Gallery 617 - French Seventeenth-Century Painting of the Metropolitan Museum of Art moves us by its beauty and craftsmanship. The Dimensions of this painting are 60 7/8 x 82 5/8 in. (154.6 x 209.9 cm) and was created in 1636-1637. There are four drawing for the two painting; three of them are sketches for the first version and the fourth is the final version. This piece of work was created based on a true event descripting an urban scene whish is the rape or kidnapping of the Sabine woman in 1645. The funders of Rome wanted to procreate and populate the city and therefore they went to Sabine to marry from Sabine women. The Romans went to a feast or festival in Sabin but at certain point the leader of the Romans -dressed in red- gives a signal and the Roman men grab the Sabine Women and carry them off. We can also see the Sabine fathers, mothers and children cry and resist this terrifying action. Although the scene is very chaotic and dramatic Poussin used a very legible and highly organized representation of the scene. Struggle is symbolized in this painting for example when you look at the…show more content…
This painting is found in the gallery 276, European Art 1500-1850, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This piece dimensions are 38 1/4 x 42 1/2 inches (97.2 x 108 cm). This painting is a clear example of the powerful impact of the ancient art and philosophy on Poussin. However, the subject of this paining remains a topic of lively debate between scalars; Some believe that this painting is about the birth of Venus, others believe that it is about her triumphal parade, and others “see the sea god Neptune’s marine procession”. Moreover, there is a disagreement as to whether Venus is depicted at all. “The woman in the center might instead be Galatea, a sea nymph who is often shown riding in a cockleshell chariot drawn by

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