Essay On Value Of Knowledge

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“Without APPLICATION in the world, the VALUE OF KNOWLEDGE is greatly DIMINISHED.” Consider this claim with respect to TWO areas of knowledge. We shall see that indeed generally the value that most people at least choose to assign to a piece of knowledge is proportional to how often and to what effect its application has on the scale of their lives. However we recognize that knowledge comes in different forms and there might be a really thin line between application and non-application of knowledge, and that the scale of value might not be that well-defined. To fully respond to the topic, we need to define knowledge, what it means to apply knowledge, and lay out if and how value is assigned to knowledge. The definition of knowledge which I provide for…show more content…
You wouldn’t know pain, unless you felt it at least once. This knowledge is reliant on sense perception and complex human feelings. If we consider an example of a child who has no knowledge of the burning nature of fire (natural sciences), and pokes the fire with his finger and gets burned. Since he has now experienced the pain of burning fire, we can say he has acquired that knowledge by acquaintance. Now with that knowledge, the child can do either of two things, and he will probably do both, first, he will duck fires, and two, he might prevent other unknowing children like himself, by stopping them when they try to play with fire, or letting them know beforehand about the danger. In any case, we can agree that those are the applications of this piece pf knowledge by our subject. If at all the child is to assign any value to this piece of knowledge, I would imagine it would be a very high value given the life-saving potential of having it, as has been demonstrated. And even if our subject takes a couple of decades without running into fires, I do not imagine that affecting the value of that knowledge to our subject. Is it even necessary to give it any
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