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Humans are always making new discoveries about space. What used to be thought is soon becoming a reality; human settlement on other planets. In some ways, human settlement on other planets can be feasible but in others, it can’t. Through the social and relationships lense, the human population colonizing on a planet other from earth has benefits and consequences. Although this may seem like a distant idea, living on another planet is approaching faster than many people believe. During space travel and living on another planet, many negative psychological outcomes can affect the people associated with it. For example, a revolutionary mission called Mars One is the first of its kind. It will take a select few on a one-way trip to begin to colonize mars, a different planet. 200,000 people have already applied to embark on this revolutionary journey to leave earth (Moskvitch 2). Many issues can arise for the people within this situation because it is a one-way trip and you can never return to Earth again. Many people may not realize that once they go, they will never come back. During the seven-month trip to travel to this…show more content…
The life on another planet is so different and unlike what someone is used to on earth. Even with all the previous training, everyone would have a completely different life experience. Instead of all the hundreds of social interactions we make every day with strangers, communicating with family and friends, and going to a school or to work, on a different planet none of this is possible until it is completely industrialized. Almost every aspect of our everyday lives on Earth will be different. By signing up for this one-way trip, the candidate agrees to give all of these everyday privileges

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