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Solar winds are plasmas flying outward from the sun. They fly through the solar system as fast as 900 km per second. Theses winds consist of a stream of energized and charged particles. They are about 1 million degrees celsius and primarily consist of electrons and protons. These solar winds are constantly buffeting our planet with some interesting effects. If the solar winds would somehow reach the earth's surface it would do severe damage to any life that might exist on earth and cause harmful radiation. The magnetic field around the earth serves as an shield. It redirects the particles in the solar winds around the planet so that it does not harm us and streams around it. The force of the solar wind connecting with our earth's magnetic field stretches it out on the night…show more content…
Humans have never been at any danger from solar flare or solar winds because of the earth's electromagnetic shield. Life on earth has been living under the influences of solar flares for 8 billions of years now. But there has been an increase in awareness on this subject that science should consider because of the world we live in today that is dependent on electricity and, especially electricity and power grids. Solar flares or solar winds that occur that are strong enough to cause power outages are rare but do happen. "These storms are rare. People talking about power failures from solar storms always point back to March 13, 1989 – 23 years ago. A CME caused a power failure in Québec, as well as across parts of the northeastern U.S. In this event, the electrical supply was cut off to over 6 million people for 9 hours." - source 3 ★ As you can see in the image the auroral zone is over almost the whole U.S, this means that solar winds and solar flares are potentially dangerous and should be added to our list of things to worry

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