Essay On Social Movement

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In most of the countries like India protest is rising against the injustice and also European country and America there is rising of injustice and they fight for their right and also the people protesting against socio economic, and there is occupy Wall Street movement. In this movement, bring attention towards this system of injustice. In India injustice is very high position and every year they rose this issues and protest against this injustice activities. This protest will more effective if it is the media eye. In Kashmir people protest every day against the Indian army and their cruel action against the Kashmiri people. In the western countries social movement come in existence through literature and the education of the people and this process is increase and develop through when there is shifting of people from the rural area to urban and rapid increase in industrialization due to this labor become more updated raise the mobility. Due to the social movement freedom to express something illustration of people and independence all due to social movement change. And also a lot of social movement rose up and become updated from last centuries. And also a lot of struggle of political…show more content…
Social movement may be small, or large may formal or sometime informal of organization which focus on social and political issues and problem and undo the social problem. The change in social movement only possible through education and also rapid industrialization and urbanization rise the mobility of labor. The expression of freedom of economic, education and independence in economic responsible for the change in social movement. And many of the social movements arise and grow in many country. Social movements interconnected with political system. Democratic countries contain social movements, and come in existence after democratization. For the success of social movements modern technology is used like internet to globally aware the
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