Essay On Righteous Life

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Those of the Jewish faith believe that God appointed them as his chosen people to set an example of good and righteous behaviour to others. Like Socrates, they believe that it is important to live righteous life. I will be focusing on the beliefs of Orthodox Jews specifically. This branch of Jewish people follow strict adherence to rabbinical interpretation of Jewish law and its traditional observances. Those of the Jewish faith also believe in reincarnation of the soul just like Socrates. Some Orthodox Jews believe that resurrection is when the souls of the good and righteous dead go to a place similar to the Christian heaven. This is similar to Socrates assertion that the good and righteous ascend to the true surface of the earth which is…show more content…
This is similar to Socrates views, he believes that we must live good, righteous lives to ensure that our souls remain pure. Socrates believes that studying and practicing philosophy will ensure that our souls are pure and ready for the afterlife. This is a contrast to studying the religious teachings of the Torah. The Talmud states that all Israel has a share in the Olam Ha-Ba, but that not all shares are equal. The more good and righteous you were during your life, the greater your share will be. Those who have lived sinful lives lose their share in the Olam Ha-Ba. Jewish people believe that your share in the Olam Ha-Ba is determined by your actions, not by who you are or what religion you believe in. Socrates also believed that your actions during your lifetime determine how you will spend your afterlife. However, whereas the Jewish people believed that it doesn’t matter who you are, Socrates makes a clear preference for those who study and practice philosophy. Socrates asserted that those who have completely purified themselves through philosophy will live without a body and will be sent to places which are even more beautiful than the true surface of the
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