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When it comes to being great at something, perfection is what everyone strives for. Perfection is when someone strives to be flawless at whatever it is they are doing. Not only do athletes want to be perfect, but everyone in today’s world wants to be perfect at some point in time. Being perfect can cause many problems throughout someone’s life as well. It could possibly make someone have an “I’m better than that person” attitude, which could make someone not like them anymore. In order to reach perfection, people must be obsessed with what they do, make every single detail in something perfect, and make everything they do be right on the money. One way for someone to reach perfection, is to be obsessed with what they do. In “The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever,” the author Michael J. Mooney notes, “Bill Fongs run at perfection started as most of his nights do, with practice at around 5:30 pm. He bowls in four active leagues and he rolls at least twenty games a week, every week” (Mooney 210). Being…show more content…
When it comes down to athletes and the sport they play, they strive to reach perfection, by working their butts off. Fong in this case, strived to be the best bowler around town. Bill Fong was a perfect bowler because of all the hard work that was put in. In order to be a perfect athlete, people have to work their hardest every day, and keep pushing forward. Not all athletes are perfect. If they would work just as hard as a perfect athlete, they would reach the podium of perfection in no time flat. Having the mindset of a perfect athlete is not always a bad idea, because it makes people want to push harder and harder each and every day, to get closer to their goal of reaching perfection. Perfection can be reached by someone if they are obsessed with what they do, if they make every little detail perfect, and when they make everything they do be right on the

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