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Mystery shopping is known by many names such as ghost shopping, secret shopping, hush-hush shopping, performance evaluations, service monitoring, unknown customers, quality auditing, service examination, trained consumers, service checks and forefront evaluations. Mystery shopping provides companies with a means of monitoring services from the consumer’s perspective. It gives management the ability to frame strong strategies to run the business in a smooth way and to sustain in the market for a longer span of time as market leaders. Mystery customer research is a technique of quality assessment in the retail sector, and also in the service sector which is growing rapidly in popularity after 1980’s. Molly MC Donough (2004) in her research article has stated that secret shopping helps to bring about a quick resolution to the problem when business owners know what they are missing in their business opportunities [2]. Mystery shopping is an outstanding market research practice and cognitive process which can provide exact results and has many advantages over other conventional…show more content…
It is important to know all about mystery shopping because mystery shopping agents and mystery shoppers have emerged into the market in thousands and work hard serving many organisations providing vast job opportunities with flex work time. [8] Mystery shoppers are in great demand worldwide. [9] Thus even the Indian landscape has seen impressive changes with regard to mystery shopping. This new profession has provided a lot of job opportunities for young graduates to old retired people and has shaped them to be a perfect market research executive. [10] “Mystery shopping task or a mystery consumer has to compliance with the regulation. Thus, this job is not an easy

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